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Budapest’s Most Photogenic Hotel

The hotel has a beautiful 19th century eclectic feel to it. Just like the name promises, the Mystery Hotel Budapest has a feeling of mystery mixed with magic and the decor is said to leave visitors in awe no matter how many times they visit

The Wonders of Utah

Utah is arguably the best place to visit in America if you enjoy the outdoors. With five national parks boasting of millions of acres of nature just waiting to be explored, it is an adventurer’s paradise. It’s no wonder Utah is on the bucket list of many Americans and non-Americans alike. Follow us as we explore some of the best parts and activities to do in the state of Utah.

Featured Nomad: Anders Møller

Anders Møller is a researcher and entrepreneur currently based in Singapore. Anders has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and has spent the past four years in Myanmar doing waste management research and starting a board game cafe and small business consulting firm in Yangon. Anders spoke with Nomad Era about […]

How The Tropics Can Recover From Losses in Tourism

Popular tropical tourist destinations like St. Lucia, Kenya, Australia, The UAE and Indonesia now suffer terrible blows to their economy following the recent COVID-19 crisis. These are just a few of our ideas on how these countries. can bounce back as quickly as possible.

Featured Nomad: Shiree Francis

Shiree Francis is an inspiring, young digital nomad and entrepreneur. Originally from The United Kingdom, she has been living abroad for 5+ years enjoying the freedom of remote work. She offers a virtual assistant coaching program that helps people of all backgrounds obtain stable, location-independent work. Shiree is a natural communicator and connector with nearly […]


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