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3 Lessons This Year Has Taught Us About Travel

If we have learned to appreciate anything, this year has taught to appreciate the freedom of movement that we had.

The onset of Covid-19 has affected the travel industry in a tremendous way. Forbes Magazine deems 2020 the year for lost travel. But this pandemic, though it has affected the travel industry, did not stop travel in the least bit. Fares have significantly been reduced, making it cheaper and probably even easier to travel.

There have been many lessons that 2020 has taught us about travel, these are our top 3 lessons here.

Expect The Unexpected 

2020 really caused travel to take a nosedive. Who would have known, just coming out of 2019 that the year would be this way in just a matter of weeks? Masks and social distancing have now become our norm and restrictions and guidelines became mandatory. In addition to making sure you don’t forget your passport, a negative covid-19 test result is now the very next thing on your travel checklist. Just a year ago, planning even a simple 1 week vacation was a breeze, now you have to book and plan every detail in advance and educate yourself of any special restrictions that may exist and you may find yourself dealing with new visa restrictions that have never existed before.

Appreciate The Little Things

If we have learned to appreciate anything, this year has taught to appreciate the freedom of movement that we had. We could have easily gotten on a plane or a train and stayed in a hostel without fear of contracting a very contagious and deadly disease at any point in the journey. The simplicity of being able to sit beside a stranger, enjoy bars and restaurants in a new city and attend public events has been stripped away from us. Perhaps the biggest change for many is no longer having the confidence that they can always visit family at the drop of a hat. For those of us that have been cut off from family, either across the ocean or across the same country, it’s important to cherish every moment that we have with our families. Moreover, it’s worth being mindful that affordable international travel is not the only modern luxury that can be jeopardized, and we should treasure the ability to communicate with others across the globe and be thankful that the infrastructure that allows us to do so has, so far, remained undisrupted.

Be Adaptable

Almost no one in the world was prepared for a pandemic, but adaptability was key in remaining calm and functioning. Not everyone has had the ability to be consciously flexible in their plans. Many were forced to leave their homes due to job loss and revoked visas, while others have been forced into financial hardship that has completely altered their lifestyle. Regardless of your situation, finding a way to make the most of your current circumstance is important, not just in times of crisis, but as a general life skill, wether it allows you to thrive in adversity or simply be at peace with it. Creating your own personal mental checklist that will help you to know what to do in situations where anxiety and feelings of helplessness set in can be a good way to stay prepared.

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