5 Places Where Street Food Culture Has Found New Life

If the street food industry collapses, multitudes of people suffer the consequences. Covid-19 has posed a threat to all public sectors, including the street food industry. Some of them have largely gone under, like in Italy, France, Morocco, Finland but some other street food markets have managed to stay afloat and survive this pandemic by adapting in clever ways.

Wuhan’s Amazing Recovery Story.

Wuhan, China is best known as the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, but according to a recent study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Center, it’s poised to be the no.1 destination Chinese citizens want to visit after the crisis is over.

5 Places To Visit In Seoul, South Korea

If you find yourself in Seoul, you won’t have any trouble finding interesting things to do, but if you just need some ideas to get started as you’re planning your trip, we’ve got five places you won’t want to leave off your itinerary.

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