Budapest’s Most Photogenic Hotel

The hotel has a beautiful 19th century eclectic feel to it. Just like the name promises, the Mystery Hotel Budapest has a feeling of mystery mixed with magic and the decor is said to leave visitors in awe no matter how many times they visit

5 Of The Best Beaches In Europe

Although seaside cities in Europe are regarded as world-class luxury destinations, the beaches often take a backseat to the architecture and restaurants that overlook them. Many of the best European destinations are not only the cities that overlook the ocean, but the beaches in-between.

How Europe Has Adapted Its Christmas Markets This Holiday Season

All across the EU, the Christmas Markets have historically been huge attractions. The economy normally takes a small hike for small and big businesses alike, however, this year Europe might be looking at a radical departure from this holiday tradition. If you’re in Europe or plan to travel there, there still seems to be hope for a few Christmas markets, and we’ll let you know what to expect at several of the most anticipated.

5 Places Where Street Food Culture Has Found New Life

If the street food industry collapses, multitudes of people suffer the consequences. Covid-19 has posed a threat to all public sectors, including the street food industry. Some of them have largely gone under, like in Italy, France, Morocco, Finland but some other street food markets have managed to stay afloat and survive this pandemic by adapting in clever ways.

Estonia’s Digital Nomad E-Visa Program

With the newly launched Digital Nomad Visa (DNV), Estonia is ticking all the right boxes for the digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Our Favorite Hostels In Western Europe

Yes! Hostels: Lisbon, Portugal First one on our list is Yes! Lisbon since it holds a very special place in our hearts. This home away from home has all the attributes of the “perfect” hostel: great location, incredibly friendly staff, clean & comfy rooms, clean & cozy rooms, low price, and (most importantly) a bar […]

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