Latin America

5 Things To Do In Sao Paulo That You Can’t Do In Rio 

he largest city in South America is located on the Piratininga plateau surrounded by rivers coming out from its exterior. If you are looking for a relaxing and educative holiday in South America, then Sao Paulo is the city for you.

Why Mexico Is Attracting So Many New Digital Nomads

With a growing remote work community, visa on arrival, easy access to Cancun airport and the rapidly improving infrastructure of Tulum, Mexico, is set to continue being one of the most popular digital nomad hot spots in the world.

4 Best Hostels In Panama

Panama re-opened its borders to international travelers in early October and has since been in the eye of many nomads looking for a place to set up shop for the Northern Hemisphere’s winter.

3 Easy Residency Programs in Latin America

Latin America is an increasingly popular destination for nomads. The idea of a North American or European backpacker wandering around Peru is almost a meme at this point , but there are plenty of people from around the world flocking to places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile to settle down. It’s not just retirees either. […]

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